Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Imagineering vs the Impossible: Family Engineering Challenge at SciPort Sat, Feb 24, 2 pm

Engineering Challenge
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Artful contrivances will be flying as the Family Engineering Challenge returns to Sci-Port Discovery Center. The event is Sat, Feb 24, from 2 to 4 pm, says Eric Gipson.

Families will be grouped into teams, given materials and presented with a challenge to build something that meets a goal: goes so high, travels so far or supports so much weight, etc.
* Challenges will be appropriate to participants’ ages.
* Participants will then have a time limit for building - and testing - their invention.

“This inspires you to think outside the box to do the most with what you have, just like on the Apollo 13 mission, when unrelated objects were fashioned into objects that saved the capsule,” said Jennifer Tuxen, Sci-Port Programs Director.

“While we put ‘family’ in the title of this event, it is open to all groups, whether they are organizations or friends."

Tuxen did not mention non-friend, non-family, non-organizational teams, which is just as well.

The event promises amusement for spectators watching the on-the-spot design-and-build challenges, admits SciPorters.

* Advance registration is not required.
* Early arrival is suggested.
* Prizes will be awarded in several categories.
* All of the Family Engineering Design & Build activities are free with Sci-Port admission.

Jennifer Tuxen: (318) 424-8683

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