Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stephen Holden reviews Factory Girl and does not entirely trash it in the NYTimes

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Factory Girl, filmed mostly in Shreveport, has its NY Times review. In the trailer the movie looks seriously misbegotten. Somehow writer Stephen Holden manages to squeeze out an even-handed review in "Warhol’s Anointed Starlet, Drowning in the Glitterati." A chunk of his article:

"When making a movie set in the recent past, you’re dead if it doesn’t look authentic. And the kindest thing to be said about this deluxe photo spread of a film is that Sienna Miller’s Edie and Guy Pearce’s Andy capture their characters’ images and body language with relative precision. (Mr. Pearce is much prettier than the real Warhol; if Ms. Miller doesn’t have Sedgwick’s throaty smoker’s voice and aristocratic air, she gives a furious, thrashing performance as a lost little rich girl.) The crinkled tinfoil glitter of Warhol’s East 47th Street “Silver Factory” is accurately rendered, and the actors cast as members of the Warhol entourage are reasonable physical approximations.

It’s the captions that are the problem. How do you discover the inner life of people determined to live so fast and hard that they can outrun their demons? How do you bring substance to charismatic personalities whose glamour may camouflage a void?"

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