Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jesse Winchester in Shreveport 02.02.07

After a superb show of bittersweet tunes sung in a lilting, melodic voice accompanied by fluent guitar, Jesse Winchester roused the crowd at LSUS Theater with an amusingly spazzy, stand-up sing-along. Eleven year-old Jett Trudeau grabbed the camera and captured one of the concert's best moments.

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Tony said...

Love the video! Good job, Jett. It's always fun to see what you film or photo. You have a very grown-up eye for composition and you seem to always know just how something will look in the finished product. You know how and when to zoom, or to pan the camera around the room, like in this clip. You have a great sense of timing.

Keep up the good work. You inspire other kids to "see" their world.