Friday, February 16, 2007

David Egan helped Irma Thomas win her Grammy for blues with These Honey Do's

After 50 years of singing and making records, Irma Thomas has won a Grammy for blues. Winning considerable acclaim for the songwriting on her album is Shreveport-raised David Egan. One of the most appealing songs on the record seems to be Egan's 'These Honey Do's.'

Irma Thomas told NPR reporter Michel Martin, '"'These Honey Do's' was written at the studio. My husband is a honey-do husband. It's honey, do this and honey, do that. I don't mind; I got him spoiled and it's my fault. We were living in Milton, La, after the storm," Irma Thomas, "and I realized there was no list of honey-do's." Scott Billington overheard me say that. So I said, "That sounds like a song."

"I wrote down some lyrics that I had in mind about it. When David Egan came over to the studio, I said, 'You're just the guy that can help me with this. See what you can do with these lyrics for me. Sure enough, in 24 hours he came up with 'These Honey Do's' and I love it.."

NPR's Martin said she loved it, too and wondered how she could make it her anthem. "If it's heard often enough, it'll be a lot of peoples' anthem," said Irma. "because it states what really happens when it's honey-do time."

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