Thursday, February 22, 2007

Christopher Alexander releases 12 gigastrykes of rocking CD's by Shreveport-based performers Sat, Feb 24, at Jack Rabbit Lounge

Christopher Alexander & friends
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Most labels dribble their recordings into the market. Poodlie poo. Why the hell not release a dozen good CD's all at once? That's the idea Christopher Alexander, at, is pursuing.

Alexander is a capable singer, prolific composer, colorful designer and gonzo businessman who has collected a number of worthy musicians' recordings and said, "Let's throw this beat into the ether."

The 12 CD's are from Spidermidgetbitchfrog, Doomed in Space, Ian Quiet, Macaulay Johnson, the Alchemists, Mr. Christopher, Ghost Town Flood, Dan Garner and Krazyhorse.

Performances by a pride of the performers are set for Sat, Feb 24, at Jack Rabbit Lounge (formerly Lil Joes). Alexander calls it "one night, six hours, 12 CD releases, 8 performances." WTHN.

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JaneDoughnut said...

I think ARAJAY's CD is also being released by Chris. One of my favorite "local" artists, even if only a few of those tunes were recorded in Shreveport.

Chris is a genius. He can put a beat to things I would never have believed if I hadn't heard it myself.