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Griffin, McMartin and Politz win award for Dreamers & Gamblers, documentary on Louisiana wildcatters

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Dreamers and Gamblers: Spirit of the Pioneer Wildcatters is a fifty minute documentary film highlighting some of the most adventurous and successful of the oilmen from Northwest Louisiana, says the movie's web site.

Recently the movie won Honorable Mention: Short Documentary (equivalent to 3rd place, with only 3 winners in each category) in the Accolade Competition. The Accolade, says the Accoladers, "is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry because ... it recognizes exceptional achievement in craft and creativity in film, video, television and commercials. Outstanding craft and creativity are required; there are tough judges and few winners."

On the production team: G. Scott Griffin was director, videographer, editor, sound producer and composer. Scott Griffin has worked on numerous feature films, experimental films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. He served as Director of Photography for the Louisiana segment of the much lauded PBS documentary American Masters: Hank Williams, as well as the documentary Tracking the Flood Survivors.

Debi King McMartin was producer and researcher. She served as Production Coordinator for the award-winning documentary Missing, Presumed Dead. She is the author and co-author of several published books and optioned screenplays, including Stone Justice and Lethal Alliance.

Teresa Smith Politz is associate producer and marketing director.
She has worked in the field of marketing and public relations for over twenty years. She served as Director of Investment Marketing and Public Relations for RiverDream Productions and Associate Producer for the feature film production of A Pardon in the Sand.

We read about it first at Alex Kent's Louisiana Movies blog.

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And a copy of the DVD can be yours by donating $30 to Friends of Scott Griffin (dot com). We still have several to sell and all proceeds will go to continue Scotti's fight against cancer.