Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ghost Town Flood opens for Skybox, Chicago quintet, at The Body Electric on Mon, Mar 12, 8 pm

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"Skybox has won lots of fans in their performances in Shreveport," says Susan Garner, event producer. "And Ghost Town Flood is a local quartet with a great new CD called Gunslinger. Then there's that Brett Roman Stampley wit and Josh Coker charisma."

Garner has both of them coming into Sizer Yerger's tattoo parlor, The Body Electric, near the corner of Jordan and Fairfield at 8 pm Mon, Mar 12.

See a Skybox post from last week, please, with links and stuff.


JaneDoughnut said...

We'll be there. I'll try to take some pics for Shreveport Faces, if you want them.

trudeau said...

Shreveport Faces does have Skybox / Ghost Town Flood pics. By producer Susan Garner.