Tuesday, March 06, 2007

All ages pop rock: tight & bright Skybox at Body Electric Tattoo on Mon, Mar 12, 8 pm; Ghost Town Flood opens

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Skybox is a band from Chicago in the midst of a 6-week tour. Says Billboard magazine, "One moment Skybox’s music calls to mind neo-folkie Devendra Banhart, while at the next it sounds like the atmospheric rock of Muse." When they played Java Junction a few months ago my friends came away shaken by the quintets' tunefulness and well-rehearsedness.

Here they are via Youtube.

Ghost Town Flood opens. The trio - Josh Coker, Brett Roman, Jeff Singleton - has a good-sounding new album: Gunslinger. Thay also have, I think, a certain welled-up energy to lavish upon the audience at Body Electric, which is near the corner of Jordan and Fairfield.

Sizer Yerger's The Body Electric
984 Jordan St
Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 681-0990


trudeau said...

Forgot to mention that the concert is being promoted by Susan Garner, age 16.

trudeau said...

Also, that the poster is by Eric Dean, who now resides in New Orleans as he works with his band Mosquitosophagus.

Kevan Smith said...

This is gonna be a great show. Skybox is much beloved around town, and GTF is a good-rockin' tonight outfit.