Monday, March 19, 2007

Cross country / international fest continues at Cooper Manor: Magik Markers Mon, Green Milk Tues, 8:30 pm

Magik Markers
Originally uploaded by waltzcore.
Magic Markers, experimental rock from Brooklyn, NY
Sunburned Hand of the Manfrom somewhere quite distant
Black Helicopter of Boston, MA

Mon, Mar 19
122 E. Dalzell
8:30 PM


Green Milk from the Planet Orange of Tokyo, Japan

Yip Yip, from Winter Park, FL

Tues, Mar 20
122 E. Dalzell
8:30 PM

See irony-enriched video documents of the Cooper Manor mondobondo at producer Alec Holland's YouTube site.

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Kevan Smith said...

Talked to Alec last night and he told me Sunburned Hand of the Man cancelled. All the other bands are still playing. Magick Markers should RAWK!