Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bill Joyce Meet the Robinsons interview, sculpture, sketches, paintings, hands-on activities open at Artspace, 710 Texas, Shreveport

Bill Joyce on Segway
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Bill Joyce was wheeling around downtown Shreveport on a Segway from 22nd Century Tours (318-230-83310), elated that Adam Barbee had taken the Turtle off. "They took off the governor," said Joyce of the speed limit device, "and this thing just whips down the block." How long did it take him to get used to starting and stopping the stand-up machine, asked Stephen Vekovius, Joyce's computer guy. "About 45 seconds," said the pixillated author.

An air of freaky holiday surrounded Joyce and friends in the party at Artspace on the eve of the Meet the Robinson's premier. "The 3-D parts were great," exclaimed Vekovius. "It's the best 3-D I've seen," said Joyce. The general recommendation was: pay for the $9 ticket to get the Ray Ban-type glasses and the intermittent 3-D moments.

Artspace has an array of Meet the Robinsons materials designed, said Pam Atchison, to entice visitors from across the US:
- sculptures called maquettes (small models of an intended work).
- sketches with enormous detail.
- paintings.
- hands-on activities for children, downstairs (there's a $5 fee for materials).
- a Disney movie in which Joyce talks about Shreveport and the background to A Day with Wilbur Robinson as well as Meet the Robinsons.

Artspace also has lunch and uptown snacks in the new Cafe D'Agostino, on the mezzanine.

Artspace: 673-6535

And Times writer Alex Kent has done a righteous job on the event. There's his review of the movie and, even better, a Joyce multi-media interview.

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