Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Artspace party Fri, Mar 23: Dirtfoot's music and work by 5 artists, including Ellen Soffer; opens at 5:30 pm

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The top floor of artspace, 710 Texas, Shreveport, has morphed, says Pam Atchison. The vast room has metarumped into five One-Artist cells. Showing in each block: paint on canvas and so forth by each of four women and one man.

The artists include -
Shawna Atkins
Camille Jungman
Antoinette Lawson
Ross Lynn
Ellen Soffer.

Party with the artists and their fans? Doors open at 5:30. Dirtfoot shakes fingers and tongues at 6, says

Moinfo: 318-673-6500 (Srac) or 318-673-6535 (Artspace).

Dirtfoot photo by artist Melody Kiper.

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