Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bill Robinson, James Burton join forces to lease Louvre collection for Chimp Haven, says Governor Kathleen Blanco

"Soon Shreveporters will be able to see works from the Louvre, Paris, over the shoulders of retired chimps," says a spokesperson for Chimp Haven. A recent deal by the Persian Gulf nation Abu Dhabi to lease the Louvre's name and most of its art has produced an unexpected opportunity for Keithville area residents.

"A certain amount of French art is not going to be approved by the Gulf region mullahs. Happily, that material is of great interest to our region's anthropoids," said a marketing person. Local moguls seem to have have plans to rent the randy part of the French collection.

Robinson and Burton may appear on early-morning TV with Rick Rowe in an effort to win a wide audience for the chimps and the soon-to-be-loaned paintings. "As an example of the importance of this deal, I think we all *get* the work of Francois Boucher," said a spokesperson for the moguls.


Robert E Trudeau said...

Thanks to Michael Harold for sort of suggesting the satire by pointing out the ripe humor in the Louvre controversy.

Unknown said...

Those crazy Frenchies!

Anonymous said...

A randy Roccoco rendezvous for retired (yet randomly reproducing) chimpanzees?

The levels of irony are almost overwhelming.

Robert E Trudeau said...

Thanks, Kathryn and Master Alliterator Debbie. Whoa.