Monday, March 12, 2007

Monotonix, Tel Aviv, and The Apes, Wash, DC, play Cooper Manor, 122 E. Dalzell, 8 pm Tues, Mar 13

The Apes at Milestone 12/04/05
Originally uploaded by the foxys.
The Apes, Washington, DC, have an organ. Consider: "With a sound that resembles what would happen if Tony Iommi played organ rather than guitar in Black Sabbath, the Apes have been playing throughout their native city of Washington, D.C., since 1999."

Montonix, the Israelis, list themselves as garage / progressive / glam on their Myspace site. There you may view their mayhem via Youtube. And then make bets as to the caulking losses Cooper Manor will experience.

Says promotor Evan Holland: "Should be fun; I just Really hope people actually show up. Ehhhhh!"

Wondering about the rife indy band action? Well, thanks be to SXSW.



Kevan Smith said...

The show was APESH*T!

Moontonix were rockin' lunatics of the best sort. The Apes combined old-timey New Wave with some Fuzztonesy dark riffing that impressed me.

I took tons of photos and am working on the web page now ....

trudeau said...

Looking forward to your snaps, Kevan. Thanks for the review.

trudeau said...

Show host Alec Holland wrote,
"The Apes (Part 1 of who knows how many)

Robert, trust me when i say that Monotonix was the absolute most
outrageous thing I had ever seen happen to my house. My house was covered in egg/avocado salad, fires were lit, people thrown. It was a
very scary experience. I'll have video up of them starting tomorrow.
- Alec

Emily said...

I've found some radical photos from The Apes show at flamingo cantina in Austin!!! And I'm sharing them with the world

trudeau said...

Evidently Emily was part of the Yaris Crew from, um, Toyota. It's good that rock and hairy guitar culture continues to find ways to make bucks. No problem, Emily.

Btw, the numerous videos on the Yaris site reveal a dirty little secret of sxsw: a huge number of the thousands of bands that perform are hopeless wankers.