Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tom Waits, Robert Benigni: the Tiger and The Snow, in Italian; LaBoardwalk Regal Thur, Mar 15, 7 pm

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"The Sons of Italy Heritage Club are teaming up with Robinson Film Center to present a one night-only screening of “The Tiger & The Snow,” the new film from Roberto Benigni. The film co-stars musician Tom Waits and features Waits’ music throughout," says Chris Jay.

Benigni is the Academy Award-winning director of “Life is Beautiful.” The new film is a story of love and family set against the backdrop of the War in Iraq.

The film will be presented in the Italian language with English subtitles.

Louisiana Boardwalk Regal Cinemas
Thurs, 7 pm
$7.50, outside of the theater prior to the screening or in advance by calling (318) 424-9090.
Equivalent to a PG-13 for some scenes of wartime violence. Enjoy the trailer here.

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See a dicussion of critical voices vs local audience reaction at Alex kent's LaMoviesBlog.