Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chris Lyon: cast and crew call for Perennial Media student film, Plummet

Chris Lyon
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Perennial Media, a local independent film production company, is currently seeking to fill a variety of key cast and crew positions on the upcoming film, Plummet. Filmmakers Chris Lyon and Luke Lee, whose recent film Desolate ranked among the top 10 finalists in the nationwide Apple Insomnia Film Festival, have requested that all interested parties contact the production at or (318) 294-1143.

Two major roles calling for male actors age 18-23 are being filled, as well as a variety of behind-the-scenes positions including make-up artist, wardrobe supervisor, and production assistant. Up to 80 extras will also be needed. Headshots and resumes are required for actors and key crew positions, respectively.

Compensation will be on a credit-only basis, though wardrobe and make-up departments will be given a budget for supplies. This production is a non-union student film.

Students from throughout northwest Louisiana are welcome to try out for the film – this is not a production limited to Bossier Parish Community College students. For more information, contact Chris Lyon at (318) 294-1143 or e-mail

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trudeau said...

Having watched Chris Lyon and his film partner, Luke Lee, as they've developed their film work, I can heartily recommend them as hard-working, thoughtful young pros.