Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wickedtickle.com replaces Shreveport Rocks, streams local records, builds calendar and forum, looks ahead

Damon & Paige Bass
Originally uploaded by trudeau.
Paige and Damon Bass have the digital media pioneer's passion. Their online site, wickedtickle.com, is aimed principally at the rock music community. Like the defunct Shreveport Rocks site, wickedtickle.com provides a news center and forum for musicians. But their goal, as you'll see in this video interview, is to become a full service entertainment guide.

With their recently-added Radio Free Wicked Tickle, they are streaming local recordings. Their calendar offers an extensive regional listing for rock music. And Paige is ambitious about its growth beyond rock.

Damon is a veteran rock singer as well as an IT guy. He got his nickname, Doc, from a California client who loved his ability to heal computers.

Paige is a determined news aggregator. Their 12 year-old son, Connor, is learning to gather material, too.

"We never expected it to take off like this," says Damon of their multi-faceted site. That's not an uncommon refrain from digital media adventurers like this duo.


JaneDoughnut said...

All hail Doc & Paige!

Unknown said...

Cool video and what a cute awesome couple! We're glad you're here in SB Land.

Robert E Trudeau said...

What if I do a similar vinterview with you, Kathryn, and w Cassie, Kevan, Shane Bevel, Chris Brown, etc ?

The point is, before I met Damon & Paige I had an entirely different impression of them. Now I know better: they're Galactic Overlords with Warmth & Charm.

Unknown said...

Sure... um, just as soon as I get my new Lane Bryant push-uuup bra out of lay-a-way so my soon-to-be-spectacular cleavage will distract from my double chin.

JaneDoughnut said...

We should at least have a Shreveport Bloggers meetup or something. I'll make pasta salad. And Kathryn, we can do it at Columbia Park as soon as the pedophile stings are done. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Cassie! I'd love to meet some of the great writers I'm seeing in the local blogs, and maybe carry their feeds on WT too. I live about 600 feet from Columbia Park...

Thank you for the wonderful experience and the 'charitably flattering' coverage, Robert. You made us sound like truly decent people! ;-) We really enjoyed hanging out with you, and we've gotten tons of positive feedback, and a few new members from the article! Hope to see you again soon, with or without the cameras.