Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Photography blogs bloom: ShaneBevel.com as well as BigPictureShreveport by five Times photogs

Shane Bevel
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Shreveport-focused readers are enjoying a hydrogenation of multi-media work. The Times has added to its blogger list and today the photojournalists at the Times announced new sites that look engrossing.

"The Times photo department has started a blog, www.bigpictureshreveport.blogspot.com, that is contributed to by all of the 5 shooters," says Shane Bevel. "Lots of photos... some interesting stories. Kind of a behind the scenes kinda thing in addition to some outtakes and personal artistic stuff."

"It won't appeal to everyone, but photo junkies and artists might find it interesting. Also, I started a personal blog, shanebevel.com/blog along the same lines; some shared content, some original."

Bevel is a lad to watch. He's thoughtful, hungry, has a sense of humor. Jim Hudelson is a soulful and insightful shooter. Greg Pearson has a sense of photographic adventure I find cool. Looking forward to getting better acquainted with Robert Ruiz and Val Horvath.

Not to be caught meditating in the dust, The Times is getting a startling rehash this month, says editor Alan English.


trudeau said...

Bevel wrote to say, "thanks robert! I would also be remiss to not mention that Greg Pearon has a nice page of his own. www.pearsoneyecandy.com

nomadammit said...

Shane does rock, on multiple levels, even. (Also, Stan Carpenter works nights at The Times, I believe. He's just as good as the day-timers.) They are really fortunate to have such a wealth of good photographers.

Greg Pearson said...

Robert...thanks for the kind words! You'll find an image from the shot we did when The Times did a story about your blogging about the arts...it's on my website in the Photo Illustrations section. Enjoy! You might also check out The Times' revamped photography page with bios on the photogs,multimedia, and video. Our blog should be interesting...there's a lot more than point and click to photojournalism, and now we can share behind-the-scenes looks with readers. Thanks again.

Kathryn Usher said...

I agree with the video stuff The Times' is doing. Nifty stuff. I just hope they aren't working y'all to death.

shanebevel said...

Thanks for the props Robert.

And Kathryn.... bwahahahahaa... if you only knew.

saratoga said...

I would really like to see the Times' site get redesigned for usability and accessibility standards. I looked at it the other day and nearly vomited. It may just be because I spend most of my days in grad school thinking about these things now, but the site is a terrible mess of unnavigatable design.

I think the photographers are the best thing that ST has going for them!