Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Joey Cush's City Bar and artists Joe Bluhm & Adam Volker throw down an Indie Night on Wed, Dec 9

Writes artist Joe Bluhm, "Adam Volker and I (of the new Moonbot Studios) recently met a proprietor and fellow lover of the arts here named Joey Cush. Joey has opened a new bar, the City Bar, and was looking for consultation on design and a mural from his friend - and our boss - William Joyce. Adam and I took on the mural as a personal project, to give it our touch and give something that we could to the area.

Well, the mural is finished and the bar is open, but that wasn't enough for Joey... he wanted to give something special to the area, and in meeting Adam and I and our friends, he saw something special that is sometimes ignored in Shreveport... the artist and creatives community.

Though it is merely a BAR, it is still part of a bigger puzzle, and can go a long way for helping creatives socialize, so myself, Adam, and my girlfriend have orchestrated one evening a week for Joey at City Bar.

This night is called Indie Nite. It is a gathering of creatives to simply socialize at a bar that we all are missing here. There will be great music, a great vibe, a dance floor, some other fun surprises, and most importantly, it's made for creative types and alike.

I really think this has potential to be a great meting place, even if just to wind down and get a drink or let loose and dance to some great alt or indie rock."


Anonymous said...

where is this bar?

Robert E Trudeau said...

Sorry! It's adjacent to the corner of King's Hwy and Youree. In the complex formed by The Cub and Fat Cats.