Thursday, December 10, 2009

Audra Caitlyn Moss plays Medea at LSUS Black Box Theater on Dec 11, 12, 13; cast includes Kent Jude Bernard and James Palmer

The ancient Greek tragedy Medea, directed by LSUS senior Eric B. Whitt, is a classic myth about betrayal and revenge, says Robert Alford.

Performance dates are December 11, 12 (8 pm) and 13 (2 pm).

Medea is being played by Audra Caitlyn Moss. The cast also includes Libby Ashlock, Kent Jude Bernard, Dan Farris, Chase Hill, Devon Hill, James Palmer, Nicholas Sewell, Barbara Webber-Hall and Tianna Williams.

LSUS Black Box Theatre
Bronson Hall 111

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Darrell said...

I am a bit prejudice since I am Audra's uncle, but she is awesome and inspires those around her to higher performances. Expect great things from her in the future.