Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jayne Marie's Restaurant on Cross Lake has music fest Sat, June 9: Nicole Atkins and the Sea, Rachel Pearl, Steve Krase, Linnzi Zaorski, Missoni Lanza, the Bluebirds, Erik Neff, Remington Rafael

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"We are hosting a grand celebration for opening of the summer season on Cross Lake," says Jayne Marie from her deck atop the edge of the sparkling lake.

"The show begins at 11:00 a.m., and we have a fabulous array of music lined up:

Nicole Atkins & The Sea (Rolling Stone magazine featured her as an up & coming artist)
Rachel Pearl from Nashville
Steve Krase & The In Crowd from Houston (this group of guys are fabulous)
Linnzi Zaorski (my favorite Torch Singer from New Orleans)
The Bluebirds (Shreveport's Favorite) with Miki Honeycutt
Missoni Lanza (my daughter who is recording her first full length CD)
Erik Neff (Dallas based who will be opening for John Mayer later this month in Dallas)
Remington Rafael (Dallas based Rock -n- Roll artist)

Of course the food will be fantastic as we have all kinds of fun Barbecue Cuisine planned! Hope you can make it."

Best Always,
Jayne Lanza
Jayne Marie On Cross Lake

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