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Drama bug in the house? Actress Mary Thoma adding June 9 Shreveport Little Theater workshop for students grades 4 to 8

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Shreveport Little Theater has added an additional Saturday Session of the Student Drama workshop on June 9, says Mary Thoma. "The demand for an additional workshop was terrific," she added.

Sat., June 9
Hours: 1-5 pm
Limit: 12 participants
Age: Open to entering 4th-8th grade students
Fee: $ 50
Snacks with be furnished.

Call SLT at 424-4439 to register. Payments must be complete by Fri, June 8. Info:

Saturday Sessions are short-term, intensive workshops developed to provide the young actor with an opportunity to learn and practice the craft of acting. Students may expect to learn solid acting theory and process through fun and engaging acting exercises, games and group work. These skills build confidence and flexibility regardless of whether the student is interested in stage/radio/television or film work.

Mary Alfred Thoma is a professional actress, director and drama teacher. Mary has credits in theater, radio, television and film. She is the creator of two theater companies: The Sign Company (hearing and deaf performers) and This Is Who I Am (c) Summer Program for youth. She currently teaches fifth through eighth grade drama at Southfield Middle School in Shreveport and directs the middle school musicals.

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