Friday, December 14, 2007

Cyber Day: Red River Radio's online fund drive may become a wave of the future for non-profit organizations

Kermit Poling
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Public radio has captured my attention quite a bit lately. My personal ranking of useful and appealing programs begins with the timely Terry Gross interviews aired in the evening as Fresh Air. Though I don't find Warren Olney's voice appealing, I like the way he assembles the experts and wrangles their remarks on To the Point.

All Things Considered and Morning Edition are pillars of my life, as is probably the case with you.

Evening Jazz with local host Wally Derlith, Nick Spitzer's American Routes, World Cafe, This American Life: life in a tertiary city of the Deep South is quite tolerable when driving time is enriched by such programs.

Today Red River Radio manager Kermit Poling has declared a day of fund raising based upon online contributions. It's a helpful novelty.

In the future many more entities based on public funding will find some way to have their own version of Cyber Day. Media partnerships, imagination and improved web sites will allow many more groups to employ the leverage of online pledging.

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