Monday, December 10, 2007

Myspace allows you to listen to Radiohead before you dismiss them

thom yorke.
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Having to spend a few hours in a car alone recently taught me that folk-rocker Andrew Bird is not my idea of the next schuetzenhoffer. Nor is Animal Collective. Nor Bjorke.

The emperador for rock fans who want something interesting, something evolved, an eclectic spillover built on a good drummer, is Radiohead. Though I enjoyed the media mosh created by the news that we could all download their album, In Rainbows, I was too much in a rut to follow up and soak in the 10 cuts.

Via the Johnny Greenwood myspace page you can sample with simplicity and ease. Then you'll know where to place them in the inevitable top 10 lists that come at you this time of year.


Pan's Pantry said...

I think Radiohead is as close to modern Mozart as any band can come.

Anonymous said...

While Radiohead is and has been my favorite band since the days of "Creep," I wouldn't dismiss Bjork (with no e). As long as she's not being too "just excuse me - I'm not from this planet," she's quite musical.

As for Radiohead - They will never have another OK Computer, but Pink Floyd will never have another Dark Side of the Moon.