Thursday, December 06, 2007

Academy of Children's Theater, Shreveport, presents The Diary of Anne Frank, Th - Sat, Dec 6 - 8, 7 pm, LSUS Theater

Samantha Ortiz, one of the capable cast members of The Diary of Anne Frank, wrote on Thurs: "We open tonight at 7 pm and run through Saturday night. I hope you can all make an effort to attend, as it has been coming along very well, and it is very powerful. I hope you saw us on the front page of the Living section in the Shreveport Times this week."

$10, students, senior citizens
$15, adults
LSUS University Theater
Academy of Children's Theater
Directed by Cynthia Whitaker

"The show starts at 7 and only runs about 1.5 hours; hope to see you there!"

Interestingly, she wrote to us via, an impressive medium that reaches a lot of classy students.

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