Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fresh music recommendations via musician and KSCL dj Tyler Davis

Matt Sansalone, Tyler Davis
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"If you are a fan of driving around in your car singing "la-la-la-la, do-do-do-do!" to tunes that you make up off the top of your head, then you would probably love the musical styling of Prints. Certain fun and uplifting tracks such as "Easy Magic" or "Too Much Water" will make you feel less alone in your car if your friends have refused to ride with you due to your… creative nature," says Tyler Davis, music maven with a show on KSCL, 91.3, on Weds from 6 to 8 pm.

Asked for his recommendations in recent music, the musician and Centenary College student also waved his torch over . . .

Cass McCombs' third album, Dropping the Writ: "This is one of the most dynamic pieces of musical talent you will experience. Melodies are so defined yet intangible; one may feel the urge to sing along to his songs, but will soon find that any attempt is thwarted by his beautiful, light-as-air vocals. The music itself is hard to define in terms of genre. There seems to be various forms of rock, folk, pop, and psychedelic.

Thurston Moore: "With a career spanning three decades and several genres, Thurston Moore, co-founder of the legendary post-punk noise band Sonic Youth, recently released Trees Outside the Academy. It is a lyrically poetic and sonically acoustic frolic through the acid-washed audio mind of Thurston Moore.

The Album is predominantly a folk-based acoustic album, yet some tracks exhibit signatures of Sonic Youth-esque noise intros such as on the track "American Coffin."

Find KSCL's Top 100 albums of the year here, says Jon Schleuss.

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