Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dennis O'Bryant: finishing the year with a portrait of the artists' teacher, Erin Lambers

Artist Dennis O'Bryant has had a productive year in painting. But he's had an even bigger year of growth in pottery. The 2 pursuits meet in this portrait, Teacher.

Says O'Bryant, "This woman has had a big impact on my work this year and I am truly grateful for her presence in my life. She is half my age and is my pottery teacher.

Sometimes I have fun bucking her rules; she is a good sport and takes it in stride but she challenges me and I her - a very amiable artist/friend relationship. I have noticed her work growing and changing as well. I enjoy lifting her up - with just a touch of envy for her powerfulness and grace in her craft and art."

Asked about his current artistic direction, O'Bryant responded, "Where am I going? Oddly enough when I let go and let the higher power just move through me - there is great art to be created. One thing (I think) I've noticed is that the influence of clay modeling has shown up in my painting; the pieces were more 2 dimensional before.

The best thing is to let it unfold while I continue only to be the instument.

The new year is always a beautiful time for a "clean slate", a fresh a few weeks a trip to Amsterdam, more sketches, paintings and of course more of the beautiful clay sculpture under the quidance of my friend and teacher, Erin Lambers."

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