Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Producer-performer Daniel Lanois and Shreveport native Brian Blade collaborate on film and album called Here Is What Is; release/download Dec 15

Daniel Lanois and Brian Blade
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Brian Blade, along with father, Pastor Brady Blade - of Zion Baptist Church - are part of a new documentary film and album called Here Is What Is, says Sean Stroope. The project was created by singer, songwriter, producer Daniel Lanois, known for producing some of the most-successful albums (U2, Dylan, etc) in the last two decades.

Here Is What Is was recorded in Toronto, Los Angeles and Shreveport, LA with Lanois, drummer Brian Blade and pianist Garth Hudson. In addition to tunes by Lanois and Blade, the album includes philosophical interludes and conversations with Brian Eno taken from the film by the same name, says

Here Is What Is, the film, has earned a positive review and a negative review since its Sept 07 release.

Sean Stroope, local bassist who has played with groups in Nashville and Shreveport, played on the Shreveport Lanois-Blade sessions. It is not clear to me whether brother Brady Blade, Jr, was also a player on the project.

One of the movie trailers contains an explosive solo by Brian Blade and another features the rich singing of towering Reverend Blade.

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