Monday, December 24, 2007

The gift of music: Asian revolution in manufacturing amps, guitars, keyboards makes music tools more affordable

The new Super Champ XD is a good example of Fender taking advantage of Chinese manufacturing. They're selling a 15-watt tube amp - with digital fx built in - for about $300. And the amp, with 10" speaker, is 24 lbs. It's light in weight but loud enough to play beside a drummer, I've read. Might it be a perfect model for boomers like myself who want vintage vibe in their gear to take to an improv session?

This particular amp has caused excitement at Fender Forum. If you love playing blues and rock n roll, this'll get your juices going. I tried the Super Champ this week and was delighted by the sonic palette. Didn't give it a high-volume check. See what you think. Shreveport Music got their first one this week.

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