Thursday, December 27, 2007

Port Belly Project trio performing at La Boardwalk club RWB Nightlife Thur, Dec 27, 9 pm

Port Belly Project members Kahina, Chala and Habibi will be performing 2 sets at RWB Nightlife in the Lousiana Boardwalk in Bossier this Thursday night, says Port Belly's Kathy Fontaine. The first set will be at 9pm, 2nd set at 9:40.

In an email to her friends, Fontaine said, "Please come, have a cold beer or glass of wine and yell. These guys don't know what to make of us!" At the RWB Nightlife website the dancers are referred to as the "Shakira" Belly Dancers.

Fontaine says, "RWB is on the "downriver" side of the LA Boardwalk, ie, come out of the parking garage, turn left and follow yer nose."

RWB: 742-9950

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