Friday, December 21, 2007

Evan Williams founded and has a new success in the social site called

Evan Williams
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It is my pleasure to crank up Blogger every day and to jump upon this sort-of courier's motorcycle. Toss the latest regional arts and culture news in the saddlebag and away I whine. Paste it up on a billboard at the crossroads.

My blogging pattern is dead simple. Here's what I teach in workshops: sign up for, where you'll store photos. Sign up for Blogger, the place where your pics and thoughts will come together. Both are easy, free services that have revolutionized how we talk to each other.

Today I learned the name of my benefactor in this business. The mensch who co-created Blogger is Evan Williams. In an Economist article entitled The Accidental Innovator, I found a profile of an amazingly successful fellow who dropped out of both U of Nebraska schooling and employment at Google.

He created Blogger out of a need to communicate with fellow software creators on a big project undertaken in the late 1990's (the world wide web debuted in 1991). The group's internal diary, as it's called by the Economist, became the the successful part of the project.

Today Williams has a company called Obvious Corp and another software success, Founded in 06, Twitter connects people via tight text messages. The status update feature on Facebook is a variation on Twitter, says the Economist.

Evan Williams has both a blog,, and a account at

Merci from Louisiana, Evan.

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