Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Indy pop giant Ian Moore at Sharpie's with band ands guest Cameron Meshell on Th, Dec 13, 9 pm

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Listening to singer-songwriter Ian Moore on his myspace site has made me a fan. Moore has a post-Beatles, eclectic sensibility that crosses the digital divide to reference a truckload of living. It's rock, it's folk, it's witty, it's visceral music. Moore dislikes comparisons and categories; he says it's "other, other, other."

The fan site MooreMusic.net, is a good place to either get acquainted or remind yourself of why you go ape at Moore shows. Listen to live cuts from some of the rippingest bars in Houston and Austin.

Moore's got a new album on Justice Records; it's called To Be Loved.
His IanMoore.com site provides additional music, wit and warmth.

Th, Dec 13, 9 pm

The talented vagabond Cameron Meshell - Jimmy Wooten told me not too long ago he was that Meshell was in London with a recording contract - is opening. Hearing Meshell's uptown tunes will be worth the price of the evening.

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