Saturday, December 15, 2007

Get Shreveport Blog exposure for your art by posting photos of your work on

Originally uploaded by rasputina1
This painting is by Rachel Stuart-Haas, a savvy Shreveport-based artist who has showed her work in galleries from Kansas City to Houston. Because she photographs her new work and posts the pieces to a photo-storage site called, her friends and I get to follow the evolution of her imagination.

Because they're on, she gets feedback from a variety of art-minded people. And because my home base for blogging is, I can find and publish her work easily.

I'd like to ask each artist I know or any serious artist who reads this blog to consider posting to and making me a contact.

I'm not promising that I'll post everything you do. But I can at least promise you that - you can sign up for a free acount in about 5 minutes - is a stable and easy-to-use site. My wife and I have been using flickr for several years and have almost 10,000 photos stored there.

If you join flickr you'll probably upload a mix of art work and photos from your personal life. We mix it all in one account. You can package the art photos in a flickr Set; again, it's not difficult.

Examples of artists on flickr: the blog for artist Talbot Hopkins and flickr site of a painter from New Orleans, Keith Perelli.

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