Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Three reasons to enjoy Escaped Images modern ballet, Excavating Self, at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, 7 pm, Sat, Feb 26, Shreveport

Stunningly coherent, beautiful music - his work resembles that of Phillip Glass - by a young master of composition, Costas Dafnis, is one of three reasons to enjoy the Sat, Feb 26, dance concert by Escaped Images.

That the 13 dancers are very well-rehearsed is another reason to enjoy the ballet. The student choreography is far from amateurish. Credit for executive production and guidance must be given to artist and dance director Renee Chevealiier.

Happily, the dancers are appealing young women. They are comely and demonstrate admirable discipline - see rehearsal video - in the many pieces. At dress rehearsal the show - plus intermission - was about 90 minutes duration.

Finally, an artistic risk is being negotiated by having Dafnis' music performed by a small orchestra. The performers are professionals but the melding of dancers and musicians for the 2 performances (it opened on Fri) does represent a challenge.

The concert begins at 7 pm in Marjorie Lyons Playhouse. Seating is by reserved seats; tickets are $15.

Excavating Self is a contemplative, not a pell-mell or pop performance. Important to the mood is the urbane, elegant lighting design by Don Hooper.

Expect an evening of artistic inspiration and a time for reflection.

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