Monday, February 14, 2011

Liz Swaine, head of Shreveport's Citizen Bond Study Committee, on the issues facing the city and the ways in which investments can best be made

Liz Swain, Shreveport
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Water and sewage issues plague the city of Shreveport today. City work crews digging up streets to patch the leaking mains and drains are a common site.

In the following 2 video interviews given to A Better Shreveport, the succinct Swaine, currently head of the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority, recaps the work of the Citizen Bond Study Committee and offers a colorful look at the city's infrastructure woes.

Liz Swaine on the Shreveport Bond issue, coming up for a vote in April.

Liz Swaine and Scott Crain's "Underground and Under Attack," a vivid story of the city's aged and holey water and sewage system.

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