Thursday, November 25, 2010

Short, accessible hike within East Shreveport proper: Coates Bluff Nature Trail; park & trek from Montessori School for Shreveport

Coates Bluff Nature Trail
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Colorful river bottom land suitable for all ages hiking here in the city of Shreveport? It's the Coates Bluff Nature Trail.

Access it by parking at Montessori School for Shreveport and walking across Sevier St to follow the tags along the bayouside path.

Developed by environmental advocate Jon Soul, the Coates Bluff Nature Trail is a work in its early stages. Still, it is ready for trekking. The first couple of hundred yards are mulched; the remainder is a leaf-strewn, easy to follow woods loop.

When it is fully extended, the Coates Bluff Nature Trail will connect three schools: Montessori School for Shreveport, Stoner Elementary and Caddo Magnet High.

The basis of the trail is the old Bayou Pierre river bed.

The trail has been cleaned and cleared by students and adults from Montessori, Stoner neighborhood, Anderson Island neighborhood and members of A Better Shreveport.

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