Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Artist Transit, once sited at Central Railroad Station, presents reunion exhibit at Turner Gallery, Centenary College, Shreveport

At the 25 year reunion of Artists Transit, at Turner Gallery, Centenary College, writes multi-media artiist Tama Nathan, "Bruce Allen and I chatted about the art scene then with The Loft, Artists Transit and Gladstone as working and collaborative spaces for local artists. All of them are now defunct, and there's no equivalent local space at the present time for the younger generation of creative bent."

"Is it because money is so tight, rentals too high, or Facebook that replaces the face-to-face synergy of these work spaces?"

"The show is an interesting one, with up to date works from many of those artists who were part of the Transit scene," continues Nathan at her blog, Shreveport Images. "What a pleasure it was greeting Carlos Colon, Richard Edwardes, Greg Hornbeak, Dennis O'Bryant, Lewis Kalmbach, Michael Moore, and seeing their innovative, creative spirit in their new works. Works from Michael Herold, Deborah Howard and Robert St. John are also displayed. I specifically remember Deborah's fabulous show, her last local one as she left LSU-S and Shreveport shortly after. I especially enjoyed looking at the original sign in book thats been preserved by Dorothy Hanna Allen...such youthful energy and perspective brought big smiles to my face. Do stop in and enjoy this great reunion."

Ceramic works above by Dennis O Bryant. See more at Denoart.com.

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