Friday, November 14, 2008

Student assaying the background of the late, great rock & blues emporium, Humpfree's in the Square, and needs photos, stories, details

Her parents once owned Humpfree's, so Anna Sheffield knows a lot about the glory days of the Shreve Square tavern. To write an effective historic paper, however, she needs more from interviews than glad stories of splendid inebriation.

She needs to hear the names of bands that performed (one of my favorites were the Sheiks, a quartet based in St Louis and New Orleans) and at least approximate dates. Do you have a photo or a newspaper clipping? Were you one of the numerous business partners that kept the bar alive?

Do you remember the Sports Page and who played there? The Fritz? Bands that played at Steamboat Annie's, across the square from Hump's? The names of other clubs that were in operation during Humpfree's tenure?

If you can help, please email this deserving student from Caddo Magnet High at


Anonymous said...

Are their any "Killer Bees" still in Shreveport? "Zoro and the Blue Footballs" were from out of town, and they played one Halloween party. " Marcia Ball", "Luther Kent and Trick Bag;" the ""Kidz played at Steamboat Annies the same night the "Phonz" would play at Humps. Johnny Slim" Campbell played on a weeknight." "Roy Davenport" played on occasion; maybe had a band too?
The owners of Steamboat Annies were Annie and Bill Griffin. I wonder if they still live in Bossier City?

Anonymous said...

see the article above about my fathers passing. He was an owner of the club as well. There are quite a few acts mentioned in the articles and posts. Im sure my mother could help with some pics as well.

Anonymous said...

In the late 70's when Gerald Cruz and others owned Humps , which they were the original owners and named it Humpfrees, many acts performed. Delbert McClinton, Little Quennie and the Percolators,Muchos Plus, Room full of Blues, Rosavelt Sykes, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Atrain (orignial), Kix Brooks, Johnny "Slim" Campbell,
Gatemouth Brown........Also John Prine at the Shreveport Times was the entertainment writer and he could probably help you with photos and more informaation. Robert Trudeau also has some old photos that I sent to him.