Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ed Wood movie Plan 9 From Outer Space at RFC on Fri, Nov 21, 10 pm, in Fri Night Freak series

Did you love the Johnny Depp movie Ed Wood, about the notorious Hollywood director? If mm-hmm, check the Robinson Film Center’s monthly cult and horror cinema showcase, the Friday Night Freak-Out!

This week there's a one night-only screening of Ed Wood’s 1959 horror/sci-fi classic Plan 9 From Outer Space. It's Fri, Nov 21, at 10 pm, says Freak's father, Chris Jay.

Plan 9 stars an aging Bela Lugosi and is frequently referred to as “the worst film ever made.” The plot involves vampires and aliens collaborating to destroy the Earth with a bomb made out of the Sun.

The film will screen from a rare 35mm print, and will be preceded by a hand-picked selection of outrageous horror and sci-fi film trailers from the 1950’s. All Friday Night Freak-Out! screenings include random movie merchandise give-aways and a guest host.

Tickets: the Robinson Film Center box office, 617 Texas Street, or on-line at www.robinsonfilmcenter.org.

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Unknown said...

Plan 9 actually featured Bela in a living form, reshoots and cuts of Bela while alive and a resurrected non-original Bela. The fact that Bela passed from the earthereal plane during Plan 9's filiming did not deter Ed Wood from continuing to use or simulate his most favorite star, if you don't count angora sweaters.

The cape- draped visage of Bela is not Bela but the non-original resurrected version. Plan 9 had all of Ed's favorite ideas in a rather curious montage of sci-fi.

I must dissent on the "worst movie ever filmed" moniker for Plan 9 as "Tropic Thunder" (now available for some unknown reason on DVD) which recently stunk up first run theatres nationwide is clearly more lacking and patently obscene. Enjoy Plan 9 for its creativity in presenting Bela after death and for its all-encompassing nature of the theatre absurd of Ed Wood.