Sunday, November 16, 2008

Review: Barbara Acker, Logan Sledge, Charity Schubert, Angelique Feaster implode in drama Doubt at Capri Theater, Shreveport

Four capable actors arrived onstage Sat night at the Capri Theater to live out a 90-minute dramatic implosion in River City Rep's presentation of the drama Doubt.

Director Patric McWilliams presented a tantalizing struggle between a somewhat naive, liberal bachelor, played with fluency by Logan Sledge, and a wizened conservative widow, played with graceful implacability by Barbara Acker.

Charity Schubert and Angelique Feaster portrayed the people who are shouldered and hobbled by the conflict, despite their considerable defenses. The quartet of actors matched each other step for step in their march into emotional warfare.

The John Patrick Shanley script is a distillation of the inflammatory forces that drive humans. While the script pitted a young priest against a nun of a certain age, figures akin to a springy Barack Obama and the battle-proven John McCain came to mind.

There is a final performance today at 3 pm.

The Capri Theater proved an effective venue for Sledge and Acker and the tightly-coiled drama. Seated in theater-in-the-round style, the view and auditory connection between audience and the actors was vivid.

Tickets: 868-5888.


Anonymous said...

I hope River City Rep stays at The Capri. It was such a cool setting for the show and it made the entire experience even stronger to be so intimately connected to the actors. We haven't seen the likes of this production for a long while.

Anonymous said...

heard nothing but praise for Doubt. conGrats to the cast and crew

Anonymous said...

This show made me get excited about theater all over again. It was so powerful and me and my friends argued all the way home over which one of the leading characters were "right." Thank you RCR for bringing this show here. We need exciting theater like this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw this show too. It was great. It was the first production of River City Rep that I've seen. I've heard nothing but complaining and jealous comments made about this company. If this is what their shows are like, no wonder others are so envious.There's room for everyone but for those of us who really like theater boy do we need shows like this!