Monday, November 24, 2008

Gypsy Mountain counteracts tryptophan-induced stupor with show at Lil Joes on Fri, Nov 28, 9 pm

Gypsy Mountain band will be playing Friday @ Lil’ Joe’s from 9 pm to midnight, says Will Maranto.

"We plan to do our part to shake off the tryptophan-induced stupor that Thursday will surely deliver. What’s my prescription for this you ask? Why, Astonishing Rock ‘n Roll, I say! We’re expecting a few of our friends to drop by and play some songs with us, too. This promises to be a great show."

"In other news," he adds, "check out my new blog, Will Maranto’s World. Topics are only limited to whatever is floating around my evil little mind, but you’ll definitely catch a good bit of Gypsy Mountain-related content."

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