Friday, November 28, 2008

Mega shark by Chris Opp at La Downs ready to consume Christmas in the Sky attendees on Dec 13, 7 pm, to 2 am

Chris Opp
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"The eyes have strobes behind the red turn signal covers," says artist Chris Opp of the giant swimming raptor he has created for the biennial arts benefit called Christmas in the Sky.

"Last Friday I was filmed with the Shark in the back of my open trailer, traveling down the road to Harrah's Racetrack, where the Shark is "swimming with the Fish," wrote the momentary master of local media.

"This event is on December 13, and SRAC puts this fund raiser together every two years, to put money back into the Community Art programs. The Shark with go up for auction. That's how they raise money, businesses give SRAC items to auction. American Airlines donates 10 fly away packages."

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