Thursday, November 20, 2008

Multiuse paths, repainted streets, homemade trails, recommended routes: Loren Demerath and A Better Shreveport at work on such possibilities

If a network of multiuse paths, repainted streets, homemade trails, recommended routes, etc. are your cup of meat then you need to find and join the group called A Better Shreveport. The chef is Loren Demerath, sociology chair at Centenary College and a fellow with a track record in the struggle to change life in Shrevetown.

For one thing, he ordinarily walks his 2 children to school - crossing Youree in the process - and often does it with a guitar round his neck and a tune in the air. He's becoming grant savvy, too. Recently he announced that "we didn't get the EPA grant, but I got the news that we won the National Park Service grant!"

This a group - meeting Sat at 1 pm this week, as you'll see on the blog - whose goals are both short term and long term. Shreveport's streets, access, modes of transportation and point of view are definitely going to change. If you want a voice in the change, here's an opening.

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Make sure he is informed about this group...