Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baroque Artists present concert at St Mark's Episcopal on Sun, Nov 23, 3 pm

We won't be taking the Baroque Artists for granted anymore, will we? With the effective demise of the Shreveport Symphony the region is starved for classical music. Happily, orchestra players have long been members of Baroque Artists and the concert on Sun, Nov 3, 3 pm, will be a richly-performed chamber concert.

Music by Vivaldi, Teleman and Handel is on the bill. The show is free and open to the public.

The musicians include Sally Horak, Theresa Zale Bridges, Laura Crawford, Angela Russell, Samara Humbert, Ruth Drummond, Donald Smith and Gay Grosz.

Baroque Artists will present 3 concerts in 2009: Jan 18 at First Methodist Couch Chapel, March 1 and May 3 at St Mark's Episcopal.

St Mark's sumptuous stone interior produces remarkable sustain. Sitting in the back maximizes, I believe, the reverberation. To enjoy crisp musical articulation I recommend sitting as close to the players as possible.

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