Friday, November 21, 2008

Karl Hasten & JJ O Brien at KLKL FM, 95.7: The State of Music on Weds at 6 pm

Karl Hasten, Shreveport
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The State of Music is a show tht airs each Wed evening from 6 to 6:30 p.m. on KLKL FM 95.7, says writer-producer Karl Hasten.

"J.J. O'Brien is the on-air interviewer. As producer I schedule all the acts, provide JJ with a CD of the music, bios, info and a basic script to follow in the interview. Our first show was the first Wed. of Sept. with Kenny Wayne Shepherd as our guest. Since then we have had---among others---Terrance Simien, Buddy Flett, Joe Stampley, bassist Joe Osborne, Professor Porkchop, Henry Gray (he was our guest the Wed. before the Highland Fest), Dan Garner and Amelia Blake. David Egan will be our guest next Wednesday and we have Flame Shark, Leon Medica (Louisiana's LeRoux founding member and co-writer of "New Orleans Ladies") among future shows. I am contacting Dirtfoot today to schedule them for a show and we have a number of others on our wish list --- Fats Domino, Allen Toussaint, Aaron Neville.

Though we are based here and focusing on northwest Louisiana, our goal is to cover artists of all genres all across the state. The show's format is we talk to the artist interspersed with playing their music. Pretty simple really.

My phone number is 344-3955. Anyone interested in being on the show can reach me at to start the process."


Unknown said...

This sounds cool. I hope y'all will think about making the 'casts available in some form of on demand way. We seem to want the programs/info when when we want them and without having to stay tuned to the radio, tv or paper to digest them on a schedule that's not of our own making.

Robert E Trudeau said...

Karl Hasten writes, "Dirtfoot--- they are scheduled for the first show in December---our first interview with two artists, Matt and Jay.

We also have commitments from Flame Shark and Leon Medica and are working on many others both local and statewide, beginners as well as stars."