Monday, November 03, 2008

Read an excerpt from artist-author Michael Harold's new book, Art and Technology

an excerpt from Art and Technology
by Michael Harold, November 2008
"Sometimes we call it entertainment. Sometimes we call it education. Sometimes we call it politics, or business or religion. But regardless of what we call it, we never allow people to become complacent in their response to the stimuli around them. We are always introducing new categories of stimulation and stimulus response. That is why the world loves our culture and wants to emulate us. Even when they hate our government, they still love our culture, our capacity to make people watch TV, for example."

Harold explains, "I just had an excerpt from my book Art and Technology published online by Unlikely 2.0 at that I think you might like.

The Rapture should be available in a couple of weeks. It's taken longer than I thought, but at least it will (hopefully) be out while there are still un-Raptured people around to read it."

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