Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Voice of Schleuss: one of the reasons we can listen to CMJ music on local radio all summer long

Jon Schleuss is a Tibetan prayer flag, oscillating in the streaming media wind.

A Centenary college student, he has blazed a trail from graphic arts to radio management to writing programming code. He's working at RFC, he's producing a show at Actor's cafe or H & H Lounge, he's giving someone a wink and smile at Starbucks, but mainly he's an online force majeure: snaps on flickr.com, Arabian Nights on twitter.com, explanations on blogspot, fun on Facebook, etc.

As much as I like watching him run from pursuit to pursuit, there is one big Schleuss thing that impacts my life: the rockin' indie music that I listen to on KSCL. Moldy music mostly does not inspire me. The CMJ charts are the sound of the moment. Derivative and flawed, yes, but fresh.

Surely faculty advisor Michael Laffey and other students have helped keep KSCL operating over the summer, but I followed the passionate Schleuss as he clamored for more media.

If you haven't managed to waggle your dial to 91.3 fm, please spritz your life with an alternative to the local and predictable. And one of the shows you may catch is the vibrant Voice of Schleuss.


Kathryn Usher said...

I know a 57 year old white male Republican and his favorite station is KSCL. Forget KEEL or any of the others...

mazzour said...

that kscl is greeeeat is obvious.Their main problem is that there is no one willing to or even in charge. They advertised for community involement and when i went to become involved, there was know one there. Went thru the chain of non-existant-command, tried to get micheals help(waste of time) all to know avail.my greatest muse as an artist is music and having kscl was/is righteous. having lived and listen thru the 60's and 70's, whilst fully in touch with now, i pawn to get involved with them. the tradegy as i see it, is here we are in louisanna, perhaps the most important area for music in America/world and there is only one decent station..how sad.

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

John's the only reason I listen to KSCL.

His voice is suh-weeeeeeet.

Schleuss said...

ha! you all are too kind. Sorry mazzour for the problems. Things are ruff in student-run environments. I find it a miracle that we can keep things going 24/7/365. Stay tuned for internet streaming and online playlists next! We should be jumping into online playlists very, very soon.