Monday, June 30, 2008

Robinson Film Center supplemental Funding to be cut by Governor Jindal - send last minute appeals to Stephen Moret, Secretary of La Econ Dev

Dear Robinson Film Center Supporters, writes John Grindley.

"The Robinson Film Center just received word that Governor Bobby Jindal has announced that he will veto $500,000 in supplemental appropriations for RFC programming and operations. This is a major decision that we need your help to overturn.

Governor Jindal announced these line item vetoes, but has not signed them into law yet, but he will in the next couple of hours.

I’ve been advised that we should contact Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret. He has the ear of the governor and if he wants it in, then it will stay in. Please direct your calls/emails to Moret.

His office number is 225.342.5388. Or contact his assistant,"


Chad D. Morgan said...

Even though I haven't been yet, I plan to soon... so an email has been sent

trudeau said...

Dear Robinson Film Center Supporters,

I’m very appreciative of all of the support emails and phone calls that you sent out because you believe in our mission as passionately as I do. It did officially get vetoed this afternoon so we were not able to turn it around. I disagree wholeheartedly with the assessment that we don’t meet the criteria to having a significant impact on our area, but we’ll have another shot at it come January when we’ll try again.

The good news is that the film center is in good shape and this money didn’t and won’t slow down our momentum as we move forward this fiscal year. It would have been a blessing to receive it, but we will continue to push ahead in the coming months. We’ll still need your support both from an advocacy level and from supporting our programs from a financial standpoint. It is people like you who make the film center a living breathing organization. I hope you’ll continue to support our programming and see the rich benefits we provide to the great state of Louisiana. I look forward to seeing you at the movies.

Respectfully yours, John Grindley

Anonymous said...

Please continue to support RFC, it's a great asset to SBC area.
As much as I wanted Jindal to be in office, I'm not sure what I think of this...