Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everything Green Expo at the Shreveport Convention Center weekend of Aug 22 - 24, 2008

Shreveport-area green-minded people have an opportunity to coalesce in the upcoming Everything Green Expo, says Kathryn Bloomfield.

Its purpose is to get out the Green Message in all of its various forms. Mayor Glover is endorsing the program and is scheduled to speak at the show. The website - which is continually being updated as new speakers are added - is

Caddo Parish Animal Shelter and Robinson’s rescue have been asked and agreed to participate with the theme being Recycled Pets and Furry Friends. A presentation on the Dog Park is being scheduled.

The expo is scheduled for Aug 22 – 24 at the Shreveport Convention Center. Friday’s speaker slots are full and are geared to green building. The weekend schedule of speakers is being structured towards the general consumer. It will include the “how-to’s” of recycling ala our new blue cans, how to lower energy bills, organic gardening, green roofs, water reclamation from rooftops and gutter systems, xeriscaping, etc.

There’s also to be a message of no more litter.

Fairly recently, an expo in a town in Arkansas of similar size to Shreveport brought in over 60,000 people, says Bloomfield. The expo presents a great opportunity to reach the public to obtain feedback, she points out.


mazzour said...

this is so cool,I can't believe something of this magnitude is headed for Shreveport. We(Greenies) need to work real hard to make sure that there is a HUGE turn out of our less than green neibhors/friends/family. we can accomplish this by pointing out how many resourses we can save thru small, incramental steps such as;using new incadesent light bulbs/low flow shower heads and toilets, driving more slowly and smoothly,recycling etc.. As an example, if the mpg of trucks and suvs were increased 2mpg, that would save some 18 to 19million barrels of oil. If everyone would pick one thing to recycle(plastic bottles) that to would drastically make a huge difference. if 10,000 people would recycle their water bottles this summer(assuming they consume 1 case per month)that would total 670,000 bottles that will not be on our streets, in our rivers etc..stuff like this will hopefully draw in those who are on the side lines by making being green something not complicated, something that can be accomplished in a hassle free as possible manner. The revoulution will be televised, the revoulution will be grass roots, the revoultion will occur without those participating knowing that they have paticipated in it..

Anonymous said...

This is the type of program more people should be aware exists. If you like to save money on your electric bill, gasoline bill, utilities, water etc. and at the same time learn to be more energy efficient then you need to come to the EveryThing Green Expo. If you thought about starting an All Natural Garden in a small place,  or  Capturing rain water for irrigation or  want to learn about safe Green Household Products or the list is endless.  This is a chance to learn and it appears to be an inexpensive program at on $5 per person. The US Green Building Council program on Friday is a great place to learn about money saving and green construction. I look forward to attending.