Monday, June 30, 2008

Review: indie movie The Visitor is well made if labored; shows this week at RFC downtown

In the independent movie The Visitor we watch, with glacial surety, the metamorphosis of a burnt-out case. The comfortably numb life of the protagonist, a college prof, is galvanized by his experience with an immigrant family in NYC.

The rag of contention seems to be post-9/11 immigration, yet The Visitor is about the Time Remaining and the comfortable class. It is well made, if ponderous.

While we've dined at Abby Singer's Bistro (excellent portobello mushroom sandwich) and been to meetings at Robinson Film Center, Shreveport's new art movie mecca, this was our first moviegoing experience. We found the seats superb and the company sympatico.

And we found weekend parking on Texas St to be entirely easy. The RFC experience gave us a whiff of life in Austin or Dallas but with a serious discount.

We're planning to see the well-recommended Son of Rambow this week.

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