Friday, June 27, 2008

Minicine presents documentary Blood & Oil at Columbia Cafe on Mon, June 30, 8 pm

"No Blood For Oil"
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Blood & Oil is a political screed on America's addiction to petroleum. Having watched the trailer, I wonder whether it is going to be useful for a news-minded person. It might be the sort of consciousness-raising piece that is appropriate for students or others who routinely ignore world news and analysis.

See the Minicine-sponsored movie at Columbia Cafe - ordinarily closed on Mondays - at 8 pm Mon, June 30.
Door opens at 7 pm.
Run time: 52 Mins.
No charge.


M. Simon said...

No Blood For Oil or No Drilling For Oil?

A man has to make up his mind.

Versha said...

"Students or others who routinely ignore world news" - what! Am I misreading this or should I be offended? I know Centenary is a bubble to Shreveport, but we're a bubble of news junkies...

trudeau said...

Chuckling at your response, Versha. I hope you realize that you and your gang are not the typical students to which I refer.